Niles Center Volunteer Fire Company
Sharp Corner Volunteer Fire Department
Skokie Fire Department Chronology
1871 through 2006

Compiled by Lt. Ron Smith, Skokie Fire Department Historian
for the Skokie Historical Society

1871 - 1899 | 1900 - 1924 | 1925 - 1949 | 1950 - 1974 | 1975 - 1999 | 1999 - 2006 | Home

      The Chronology of the Skokie Fire Department was compiled by Ron Smith, Skokie Fire Department Historian, by reviewing numerous newspapers articles, scrapbooks, Fire Department Logs and Archives, Skokie Historical Society Archives, and Skokie Village Minutes. Lt. Ron Smith conducted research at various local Historical Societies and Libraries. This project was initially a personal interest of Ron's that expanded into the formal appointment of Fire Department Historian by the Fire Department officials.
      The linked photographs are made available through a North Suburban Library Services grant that the Skokie Public Library was awarded to digitize Skokie's History. The Fire Department History is one of four NSLS "DigitalPast" Grant projects.
      This chronology spans the 125 years of dedicated service of Fire Fighting Services for Skokie. Visit the Skokie Heritage Museum at 8031 Floral Avenue to view the Fire Department's History at the Historic Engine House.

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