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Johann Jarmuth

Johann Joachim Christoph Jarmuth and Christine Caroline Dorothea Gribnitz (Al Grimms) were married December 3rd, 1852 in Germany, where their first child Henry was born.

Later in 1853 after coming to the United States they settled in Niles Center, Illinois. By 1869 they had purchased sixty-one acres of land. This property was located a short distance east of Carpenter road and fronted both Howard Street and Touhy Avenue (formerly known as Mecklenberg Road).

The large home where they lived and raised their family, fronted on Touhy Avenue. They did not farm all of this land themselves but rented some of it and raised horses for use on the farm.

In 1857 they joined a group of people who felt the need of religious services in the community. They met in the school building one half mile south of the Niles Center being served by itinerant ministers until 1867 when the congregation was organized as the Evangelical Lutheran St. Peters Church. Johann Jarmuth being one of the first three trustees. The new church was completed in 1868.

Later, when they retired they built a small cottage on their property on Howard Street a short distance east of the Fairview School which was located on the corner of Carpenter Road and Howard Street.

My sister, Pearl Louise and Ruby Edna and I used to visit them quite often. To us they were Fatta and Mutta. Behind the cottage was a high willow tree. Grandpa would make whistles for us from the small branches and Mutta would make "sago soup", which we loved. In the summer Mutta did her cooking in a shed where the wood was kept so as to keep her house clean.

Later on they had this little house moved to the village of Niles Center, on Floral Avenue next to my father and mothers home on the corner of Oakton Street and Floral Avenue.

Grandpa had such a nice long white beard - my sisters and I used to get on his lap and make it into braids. He passed away on February 10th, 1901 - 78 years - 10 months - 13 day.

Grandma went to live with her daughter and husband - Sophia and Charles Kindt - at 8024 Floral Avenue. She passed away on November 10th, 1912 - 80 years - 3 months - 17 days.

Seven children were born of this marriage.

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