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The Pierre Family

Nick Pierre started the excavating business in 1924 with Lawrence Doetsch who was his partner.   Nick moved to Niles Center in January, 1924 from Fredonia, Wisconsin.   In 1940 Nick bought Sneider's garage and drove trucks during the Depression.  He got a job hauling batching (concrete) from E. A. Meyer up in Lake County all along Waukegan Road, what is now Edens Expressway.  The house where Rose and Nick live used to be where Crawford Avenue is now.   Rose's mother and father moved the house to the present spot for $200.   The garage was built in 1938.   There was a pump in the house so that the water wouldn't have to be carried in from outside.   The water came from a pipe in the ground.   The also had a well by the garage of the house.

Rose's father was a farmer.   He had ninety-nine acres of which he paid $1 per each acre.   The property went approximately from Golf to Church and from Kilbourn to Keeler.   Uncle Pete Abbink built a house on the corner of Keeler.   Uncle Bernard lived at 4445 Golf Road.

Memorial Park Cemetery was built in 1913 when Rose was seven years old.   The farms of people who originally owned the land were the Weiss Farm and the Jennetten's farm.   Barg's gravel pit was nearby on Skokie Boulevard (and Golf Road) where the Hilton is now.

Rose went to St. Joseph's Church which was a mission church.   The grandparents of her parents helped to build it.   Her great grandparents were the Hohs'.   Henrike and Herman helped with the mission.   They were sponsor's of the bell for the ceremony of blessing the bell.   Rose went to school at St. Joseph's.   There were thirty to fifty children in the school and all the grades were separated.   The small church was on the west side of Lake Avenue but a bigger one was built on the east side.

There was an ice cream vendor who came around in a horse-drawn wagon, ringing a bell.   The doctors were Dr. Sintzel and Dr. Klehm.   There were also midwives.   The young people usually went on picnics or talked.   Terminal Park used to be property of the Hohs family.

There were many saloons in Niles Center.   The Green Parrot was by Gross Point Road and Kenton and Delphino's was on Golf and Gross Point Roads diagonally across from Chicken Fritz.   There was Schramm's and two other bars by Sharp Corner.

Pete Hohs had a fire department behind Duffy's Place which was a tavern.   It was on the corner of Kenton and Gross Point Road across from the Green Parrot.   Uncle Johnny Dahm had a store also by Kenton and Gross Point Road on the side were Venture is now, by Old Orchard Junior High.

The Abbink House was moved from Crawford and Golf before 1900 by Rose's father Mathias Dahm to the present location at 4341 Golf Road in Skokie.

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